selected works

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nes games

Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller (2013) is an original love-compatibility and horoscope game for play on the NES. The game is inspired by teenage girls' magazines and Japanese electronic fortune games of the 1980s and 1990s such as the line of Herpit toys by Bandai. In Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller, romance-centered horoscopes, which are often read as feminine and which present love as a requisite end gained through passivity and wishful thinking, are combined with video games, which are often read as masculine and which generally center on the achievement of power and specific gameplay goals. This combination offers diverse opportunities to whimsically explore and redesign feminine/masculine and normative/queer binaries within gamespaces, especially those occupied by nostalgic, 8-bit culture. The ROM of Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller is currently only available to selected donors to the LA Gamespace Kickstarter.

TRACK+FEEL II (2012) is a cooperative, interactive, glitch-art installation for the NES. Two players must work together to discover the rules of the "game" as well as its goal. TRACK+FEEL II aims to present glitches and generative chaos as tools of construction rather than destruction. The ROM is available for download here.

Hello Kitty Land (ca. 2002) is an NES ROM hack based on the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. with elements from various Sanrio games for Famicom such as the 1992 game Hello Kitty World.

nes visuals

Corrupted Skateboards (2011)

Electronic Dream Phone (2011)

Faxie's Unicorn Blast (2010)

Glitch Owl (2011)

I Don't Go on Many Dates (2011)

Max Attack '90 (2011)

Party Balloons (2011)

Yellow Space Cats (2011)


Animeland (2012)

青豆 (Aomame) (2012)

Did someone say pizza? (2011)

Explorer.ROM (2012)