Photo by Chiptography.

artist bio

Party Time! Hexcellent! (Rachel Weil) creates interactive, glitchable visual art for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Her custom software, written in 6502 assembly language, is inspired by Japanese and American animation and comics, demoscene culture, and video games of the 1990s. She employs ultra-feminine design elements in her work as an allohistorical counterpart to the gendered digital play cultures of the past and present while evoking feelings of nostalgia and friendship with blocky, colorful animations. Party Time! Hexcellent!'s art and video installations have appeared internationally at events such as Blip Festival, Reset: Post-Consumer Gamer Culture, and gli.tc/h. Weil is also the curator of FEMICOM, the feminine computer museum.

contact & booking

Please send any correspondence and booking inquiries to partytimehexcellent (at) gmail (dot) com.